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University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Teaching, Learning, & Technology Specialist II, Center for Teaching, Learning, & Mentoring (8/2021-present)
I am a founding member of the UW-Madison Center for Teaching, Learning, & Mentoring (CTLM). In my role as a Teaching, Learning, & Technology (TLT) Specialist, I serve as a consultant for projects that advance and evolve the teaching practices, learning environments, and learner-support interactions across the entire university.

My work involves the design of engaging, effective learning experiences, instructional materials, activities, curricula, and assessment resources. I create and oversee faculty-development and faculty-engagement programming.

I also perform primary research about the design and capabilities of various learning resources, technologies, materials, and processes to support learning in various settings, such as classrooms, labs, field work, and synchronous/asynchronous remote & online environments.

  • June 2022: Student Affairs Partner of the Year award for leading a project to support the McBurney Disability Resource Center in outreach to instructors with remote-accommodations students.

Program Area Director, Curriculum and Professional Development, Learning Design, Development, & Innovation (7/2019-7/2021)
I lead the curricular, pedagogical, and technological design and support of the online and blended professional-development programming for the Learning Design, Development, & Innovation (LDDI) team in the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS). I also assist the director in establishing partnerships, locating talent, and promoting innovation in technology-assisted learning. I am responsible for seeking innovative ways to provide continuing education; conducting educational programs that are financially self-supporting; and developing and maintaining relationships with other university departments and various outside associations, organizations, and government agencies for the purpose of advancing current knowledge and developing program content. My primary responsibilities include:

  • developing and collaboratively delivering the LDDI curriculum for online learning, including online certificates, workshops, mini-courses, customized programming, and conference events;
  • creating and regularly revising a vision of multiple appropriate learning environments that use technology to enhance the learning process;
  • engaging in day-to-day operations to support LDDI curriculum activities, including marketing, partnerships, and course/activity design and deployment;
  • ensuring that LDDI curriculum and its annual conference align with the mission of the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) and UW-Madison, generally, so that excellence in online learning is achieved;
  • maintaining and extending the UW-Madison reputation for excellence in online learning through practice and leadership in faculty-development organizations, publications, and national presentations;
  • promoting innovation and excellence in online teaching and learning with external partners;
  • collaboratively leading the support of faculty-development programs and workshops on online learning regionally and nationally;
  • seeking opportunities for collaboration in online-learning research and practice with other higher education institutions nationally;
  • remaining current in the field of online and distance learning;
  • setting goals for performance and deadlines in alignment with DCS mission and goals, and clearly communicating them to subordinates;
  • completing performance reviews in compliance with policy;
  • organizing workflow and ensuring that direct reports understand their duties and delegated tasks;
  • monitoring employee productivity and providing constructive feedback and coaching;
  • receiving complaints and resolving problems;
  • maintaining, monitoring, and approving timekeeping records in compliance with policy; and
  • onboarding and mentoring new employees.

Thomas J. Tobin Consulting, State College, PA

Author and Speaker: (4/2013-present)
I am an internationally-recognized speaker and author on topics related to quality in distance education, especially copyright, evaluation of teaching practice, academic integrity, and accessibility/universal design for learning. Since the advent of online courses in higher education in the late 1990s, my work has focused on using technology to extend the reach of higher education beyond its traditional audience. I advocates for the educational rights of people with disabilities and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I give between 30 and 45 keynote speeches, workshops, and other consultations every year to colleges and universities worldwide, including Seminole State College (FL), Valdosta State University (GA), the University of Illinois, Saint Mary of the Woods College (IN), Palmer College of Chiropractic (IA), Grand Valley State University (MI), Northwestern Health Sciences University (MN), Missouri State University, the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ), Alfred State University (NY), Miami University (OH), the Pennsylvania State University, the University of South Carolina, Tennessee Tech University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (VA), Simon Fraser University (BC), Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (AB), Universidad del Norte (Colombia), and Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary).

I also facilitate programming for a number of professional-development vendors who serve higher education, including 3Play Media, Academic Impressions, Desire2Learn, the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, Innovative Educators, the Instructional Technology Council, Invoke Higher Education, Magna Publications, the Professional Adjunct, and the Wiley Faculty Network.

My most recent book is Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone: Re-Framing Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education (West Virginia University Press, 2018). My comic book on copyright, entitled The Copyright Ninja: Rise of the Ninja (St Aubin Press, 2017) teaches college and university faculty members, support staff, and campus leaders about copyright, fair use, licensing, and permissions. I also wrote Evaluating Online Teaching: Implementing Best Practices (Wiley, 2015) with Jean Mandernach and Ann H. Taylor. I am currently writing Going Alt-Ac: A Guide to Alternative Academic Careers with Katie Linder and Kevin Kelly, forthcoming from Stylus Publishing in 2019.


University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Faculty Associate/Conference Program Chair, Distance Education Professional Development: (6/2018-6/2019)
In this role, I support the curricular, pedagogical, and technological design and support of the Distance Education Professional Development (DEPD) area's online certificates, workshops, and mini-courses. I also locate and cultivate instructor talent to teach in the DEPD program. I establish partnerships with external organizations and promote innovation in technology-assisted learning. My primary responsibilities include:

  • developing the DEPD curriculum for online learning, including online certificates, workshops, mini-courses, customized programming, and conference events;
  • creating and evergreening a vision of multiple appropriate learning environments that use technology to enhance the learning process;
  • day-to-day operations to support DEPD curriculum activities, including support of DEPD instructors, marketing, partnerships, and course/activity design and deployment;
  • aligning the DEPD curriculum and its annual conference with the mission of the Division of Continuing Studies (DCS) and UW-Madison, generally, so that excellence in online learning is achieved;
  • maintaining and extending the UW-Madison reputation for excellence in online learning through leadership in external faculty development, publications, and national presentations;
  • promoting innovation and excellence in online teaching and learning with external partners;
  • leading the support of faculty development programs and workshops on online learning, both regionally and nationally;
  • seeking opportunities for collaboration in online learning research and practice with other higher education institutions nationally; and
  • remaining current in the field of online and distance learning.

United States Department of State

Fulbright Fellow, U.S. Scholar core grant program: (2/2018-6/2018)
Based in Budapest, Hungary at Eötvös Loránd University, I taught a PhD course on "Evaluating Online Teaching," facilitated a faculty-development seminar to help establish a teaching-and-learning center, and gave workshops, speeches, and professional consultations at 15 other colleges, universities, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout Hungary.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Conference Program Chair, Distance Teaching Professional Development: (10/2017-5/2018)
For the annual Distance Teaching and Learning conference hosted by the Distance Education Professional Development (DEPD) unit of the university, I lead the team that creates the programming for the conference. My duties include

  • identifying trends and themes in the field of distance education;
  • collaborating with conference team to create conference tracks and the call for proposals;
  • promotion of the conference across various media;
  • inviting the keynote, spotlight, and featured speakers for the conference; and
  • hosting the conference as the emcee and public face of the conference.

University of Illinois, Springfield, IL

Faculty Member, Illinois Online Network: (4/2016-11/2018)
I taught professional-development online courses to higher-education administrators staff and faculty members, as part of the ION Master Online Teacher (MOT) and Certified Online Learning Administrator (COLA) certification programs. I designed and taught two courses: Copyright Issues in Online Education and Universal Design Principles for Online Learning.

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL

Coordinator of Learning Technologies: (1/2012-12/2016)
I support over 800 full-time and adjunct faculty across the curriculum, training them how to teach using innovative instructional methods and technologies, especially for online and hybrid courses. My job includes three main components: individual skill-training via workshops and instructor consultations; non-credit training courses to prepare instructors to teach online; and project management of university efforts related to teaching and learning.

  • Faculty & Student Support
    • CTL Workshops (2/2012-present): Created and facilitated 20 1-hour faculty workshops on topics ranging from teaching techniques to using tech tools (e.g., Jing, Camtasia) to an introduction to the Blackboard learning management system (LMS).
    • Online Teaching I and II Courses (1/2012-present): I developed and teach two 40-hour non-credit training courses. Online Teaching I is a wholly online course open to all instructors; it prepares them to teach online courses. Online Teaching II is a stipend-based by-dean-nomination seminar; I support participants in the creation of all of their materials for a fully online course.
    • Individual Training (1/2012-present): I help more than 50 instructors each semester with requests ranging from training on individual software titles to design and support for classroom and research initiatives.
    • Expanded Duties (1/2012-7/2012): During my first six months on the job, I took on the responsibilities of the open Coordinator and System Administrator positions in addition to my own duties, performing tasks such as workshop scheduling, responding to help requests from faculty, creating databases, and troubleshooting system issues in the LMS (including an urgent Blackboard outage on 2/27/2012).
    • Sample Course: (1/2012-5/2012): Created a sample online course for students to help them decide whether online learning is right for them. The course contains hands-on practice elements and an interactive video.
    • Desire2Learn Faculty Training (8/1/2012-present): I created and facilitated 4-hour training programs for over 800 faculty members to learn the new D2L system. In the training sessions, faculty learn how to transfer their content from Blackboard and how to create content, discussions, grades, and other essentials. I also created a self-pace version of training to accommodate faculty who could not attend the in-person training.
  • Professional Activities
    • Currently researching and documenting the strategic adoption of hybrid and online courses to reach out within the geographic mandate of the university.
    • CTL Learning Technologies Specialist Search Committee (chair) (6/2012-7/2012): I chaired a search committee of three people to replace our outgoing system administrator in the CTL.
    • Coordinate NEIU Attendees for U of Illinois Faculty Summer Institute (1/2012-5/2012): I selected and supported nine NEIU faculty member to attend the U of Illinois Faculty Summer Institute conference, including application, registration, travel, lodging, and a teach-back follow-up seminar.
    • Student Disabilities Services Director Search Committee (10/2012-1/2013): I served on the search committee to hire a new director for the Student Disabilities Services area on campus.
  • Administrative Duties & Projects
    • Multimedia Learning Resource Center (MLRC) Lab Setup (7/2012-present): In cooperation with the head of the MLRC, I am creating an online- and hybrid-faculty-development lab space. The CTL will provide development software to be installed on MLRC computers, and I will train MLRC staff to support faculty on those software titles. Further, the MLRC and CTL are creating a separate audio and video recording room for faculty use.
    • Desire2Learn (D2L) Implementation Team (6/2012-present): I am the project manager for a team of 40 pilot instructors, 10 administrators, and 10 technical staff at NEIU who are supporting the installation and implementation of a D2L-hosted LMS for the university. I act as a single point of contact between the university and D2L, and I collect all project data to ensure that the project stays on time and takes potential risks into account. After a significant outage of our hosted services, I was also part of the negotiation team that came to a new Service-Level Agreement and offsets for problems experienced with D2L.
    • Electronic Survey Administration (2/2012-present): The CTL integrates electronic end-of-semester surveys via the EvaluationKIT tool with courses whose instructors use the LMS. I came into this process mid-stream, and performed troubleshooting to streamline the request, setup, and reporting processes.
    • Learning Management System (LMS) Task Force (1/2012-6/2012): I managed a cross-functional team of 24 faculty, 12 administrators, and 8 technical staff through the process of deciding which new LMS to adopt on campus.
    • CTL Web Site Redesign (1/2012-2/2013): The web site for the CTL had not been updated since 2005. I mapped the current file list, and worked with the new system administrator to create pages to support our new LMS implementation. The re-design included re-structuring of the page formatting, simplification of the structure and scope of the site, and a weeding effort to remove outdated content.
    • Task Force on Online Learning (TFOL) (1/2012-present): I am the CTL liaison to this faculty committee charged with expanding the adoption of online course offerings at the university.
    • Faculty Council on Technology (FCOT) (1/2012-present): I am the CTL liaison to this faculty committee tasked with oversight of all technology adoption on campus.
    • Library Technical Services Advisory Panel (1/2012-present): I represent the CTL at this library-wide "think tank" committee.
    • El Centro Planning Task Force, Facilities Design Committee (8/2012-present): I serve on this university committee tasked with designing the physical space in the newest remote campus for the institution.
    • CDW Government Services Technology Planning Committee (2/2013-present): I represent the CTL on this university-wide committee tasked with working with the CDW vendor for on-campus technology purchases.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Draft Course Mode Definitions (3/2012): I collected definitions of various course-offering modes, and drafted a proposal for the definitions that NEIU should adopt. A working group of leaders from the CTL, Institutional Research, and the Registrar's office is taking these recommendations to the Provost.
    • How to Choose Next Courses (1/2012): I drafted a work flow for department chairs and deans to help them decide which courses to offer as hybrid and online courses.
    • Faculty Software Checklist (1/2012): I created a checklist to assist faculty in finding software to help them perform instructional tasks, such as lecturing, holding discussions, and creating multimedia.

DeVry University Online, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Senior Faculty, College of Liberal Art & Sciences: (1/2004-10/2014)
I taught several undergraduate and graduate online courses for DeVry University, including

  • COLL 148 (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving), an introductory undergraduate online course designed to give students a basic understanding of information literacy;
  • EDT 520 (Instructional Design for Educational Technology), a graduate-level introduction to the principles of instructional design theory;
  • EDT 542 (Educational Technology Integration), a graduate course where students explore how to select, evaluate, and use different kinds of technology in and as the classroom;
  • EDT 550 (Learning Communities and the Internet), a graduate course that introduces students to the basics of e-communication, including e-mail, web pages, blogs, wikis, RSS, chat, and listservs;
  • EDT 560 (Leadership Planning in Educational Technology), a graduate course focused on transactional and transformational theories of leadership as they apply to the educational setting;
  • EDT 570 (Emerging Educational Technology), a graduate course that allows students to explore innovative and cutting-edge technology like blogs, vlogs, wikis, and SmartBoards to support millennial schools;
  • EDT 580 (Introduction to Authoring Software), a graduate course about how to create multimedia learning objects using PowerPoint, Flash, HTML/XML, Acrobat, and other authoring tools;
  • EDT 590 (Assistive Technology for Learning), a graduate course designed to give K-12 teacher candidates experience in the laws and best practices surrounding support for learners with physical and mental disabilities. I developed the master EDT 590 course from which other faculty teach;
  • EDT 600 (Educational Technology Planning), the capstone graduate Education-department course in which students develop their own technology integration plan and present it as the equivalent of a master's thesis. I developed the master EDT 600 course from which other faculty teach;
  • ENGL 112 (Composition), an undergraduate course that demonstrates the basics of sentence structure, paragraph unity, grammar, and argumentation.
  • ENGL 135 (Advanced Composition), an undergraduate online course that focuses student efforts on increasing the professional qualities of their writing through scenario-based learning;
  • ENGL 230 (Professional Communication), an undergraduate online course for adult learners focused on issues of grammar, style, cultural sensitivity, ethics, and effectiveness in written and oral business presentations;
  • ENGL 510 (Foundations of Professional Communication), a graduate-level analog to ENGL 230; and
  • SPCH277 (Interpersonal Communication), an undergraduate course designed to foster self-aware interaction among individuals and groups in face-to-face and virtual scenarios.

In many of my classes, I have supported learners with physical disabilities (including cerebral palsy, multiple paraplegia, and burn victims) and geographic barriers (including students located in Alaska, Dominica, Mongolia, and Iran, as well as active-duty military personnel in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Guam, and Germany).
  • Faculty & Student Support
    • DeVry University Faculty Award: I was cited for "most-timely feedback" during the January 2006 term.
    • In the March 2006 term, I piloted using Elluminate whiteboard conferencing software and Skype voice-over-IP software in order to host real-time online conversations with my students.
    • Between May and September 2006, I served on the ENGL 510 Revision Task Force, a group of designers, faculty, and administrators charged with updating the content and structure of the course to better reflect the professional-communication needs of students going into the university's newest major areas, such as Health Information Technology, Computer Game Programming, and Educational Technology.
    • I was awarded Senior Faculty status on 12 Oct. 2006 for long-standing service to the university.
    • Faculty Focus Group: this work group serves as an in-house editing staff for major communications from the university administration to the online faculty. We review drafts of newsletters, e-mail communications, and other messages to ensure that they are stylistically correct and the message is clear (15 Jun. 2008 - Mar. 30 2009).
  • Internal Training & Certifications
    • Teaching Excellence Course Plus (TEC+) Facilitator Training Program: I am certified to train new online faculty (12 May 2004).
    • Super Service: training on maintaining a positive attitude, serving internal and external customers, and representing the university as a model to learners (21 Jan. 2007).
    • Developer Training Course (DTC): in preparation for developing EDT 590 for wholly online delivery, I completed an intensive three-week program on instructional design, web-course specifics, and DeVry University house style for lectures, assessments, and faculty resources (1-23 Dec. 2007).
    • Faculty College: Handling Student Issues: as part of ongoing professional development, I completed this best-practices refresher course on how best to respond to common student challenges in online courses, such as plagiarism, technical glitches, and communication mishaps (2 Feb. 2008).
  • Course Development
    • EDT 590 (Assistive Technology for Learning): I developed this new course in the Education program between December 2007 and February 2008. The course includes units on disability rights, disability laws that apply to the classroom, the role of classroom teachers in Individual Educational Program (IEP) teams, universal design for learning (UDL), and assessment of assistive technology (AT) devices. During the development, I worked closely with the instructional designers, curriculum managers, and the Education program dean as a subject-matter expert and content provider.
    • EDT 600 (Educational Technology Planning): After the original course developer was unable to fulfill her contract, the Director of Program Management for Technology called me in to develop this new course in the Education program on a five-week "emergency" basis between May and June 2008. The course is designed around dual tracks of individual research into a capstone technology-integration proposal and review of objectives from previous courses in the Educational Technology program. During the development, I worked closely with an instructional designer (ID), an online curriculum manager (OCM), and the Education program dean, as both a subject-matter expert and content provider. The development came in under the deadline and was one of the first courses developed in which a single "real-world" scenario tied the various units together.
  • Administrative Duties
    • Program Architect, Education Program (1 Mar. 2008-present). As one of two Program Architects for the Education program, I teach all of the courses in the program on a rotating basis in order to familiarize myself with their content, design, and methodology. Each term, I hold conference calls with all faculty who are teaching the courses for which I am the PA in order to discuss functional and best-practice improvements. Each term, I also enter each course and review the content for grammar, style, currency, and content accuracy. At the end of each term, I review the student evaluations of each course and implement improvements to the "master" course shells based on student feedback. In my capacity as PA, I report directly to the Program Dean for the College of Media Arts & Technology.
    • Faculty Communication Team Focus Group (1 Oct. 2008-present). As part of a cross-functional group of faculty with varying backgrounds and interests, I acted as a "sounding board" for proposed communications from the administration to the faculty regarding new initiatives and projects.

Health Care Service Corporation / Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Chicago, IL

Technical Content Writer II: 7/2007-12/2011
As part of the Learning, Talent, & Communication area of HCSC's Strategic Services Optimization (SSO) Division, I create, maintain, and update an online library of reference documents that support the work of more than 1,600 employees. I utilize library-science techniques in order to review and approve draft content from 120 contributors based in 44 support units of the company. A large part of my responsibilities comes from the fulfillment of company Work Requests from various areas of the corporation; to date, I have completed more than 300 project-based Work Requests.

Using Interwoven's TeamSite content-management system (CMS), I create new internal-library records and update existing records with current policy and work-flow information at the request of managers and supervisors in front-line positions company-wide. I work closely with internal customers at all levels of the corporation (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas) in order to ensure that library content is kept up-to-date and relevant to the needs of various internal customers.

In my role as a subject-matter expert (SME), I perform statistical research about our current database in order to support a weeding effort to remove duplicate content and to consolidate related records. I also discovered a flaw in the design of the database structure that was creating costly problems for the company, and spearheaded the effort to remedy the error and perform workarounds to address already-damaged content records.

As a content-management professional, I lead the documentation and research efforts for several division-wide projects. For example, a new communication system is being released in late 2009 to allow different Blue Cross plans to communicate more quickly, and I've worked closely with staff at all levels of the business, from customer advocates to divisional vice-presidents. Another example of teamwork is a special two-month project in which I and a colleague consolidated system-prompt error messages to remove duplication and conflicting content.

I have served as a formal mentor to three new members of our team, and I teach the in-house training class for new content contributors. Relying on my humanities background, I am often called on to coach units or work groups on good writing practices, and I am a go-to resource for copy-editing, proofreading, and detail review on projects.

I also respond to concerns sent to a unit-wide e-mail in-box, lead team and unit meetings, and mentor the training initiatives of twenty-three Instructional-Design colleagues in our unit.

  • Internal Work Groups and Committees:
    • Audio Work Group (7/9/2007-3/14/2008): I worked with four colleagues to research, purchase, and implement professional-grade audio-recording equipment for use in computer-based training (CBT) modules. I also drafted the audio-use work flow and script templates used in the instructional-design development process. I now serve as voice-over talent for project audio recording, and I utilize ProTools recording and editing software in order to engineer audio clips for projects.
    • Developmental Session Planning Committee, Program Team (4/7/2008-9/24/2008): I collaborated with nine colleagues in order to plan, develop, and present professional-development sessions focused on business goals, health and wellness, and leadership skills at a 3-days area-wide conference. The Program Team specifically created and implemented the activities for 115 colleagues over the 1.5-day conference.
    • Standards and Practices Work Group (8/20/2007-12/2011; chair 8/20/2007-1/25/2008): In the initial six months of this Work Group, I led eight colleagues in re-designing and documenting the internal practices, house style, best practices, and work flow guidelines and standards for all HCSC employees who use the Interwoven TeamSite content management system to contribute records to the corporate content library. As part of the work group's efforts, I drafted a Style Guide, Content Formatting Standards, and a Bulletin Board Work Flow Guide for items that cannot be housed in the main online database.
    • Program Manager (11/21/2008-12/2011): Each professional on the team of content-management specialists is responsible for leading several individual projects. In addition to my own projects, I am responsible for supporting all nine of the other team members' projects, and ensuring that all projects on our team receive needed resources and are completed on time.
    • Content Quality Approval Work Group (2/2/2009-12/2011): I serve on a team of four content-management professionals who pull a monthly sample of work created by the team and review it for grammar, style, clarity, and adherence to our in-house content-formatting standards.
    • Performance Support Work Group (3/5/2009-12/2011): This is an inter-departmental team dedicated to creating "just in time" point-of-need tools to assist users of various systems.
    • BlueSource Infusion Work Group (3/23/2009-5/19/2009): The content-management team created standards for learning-design interfaces, so that all lessons and training would incorporate a module on how to search in the company's BlueSource reference tool for further information and assistance.
  • Corporate Training & Certifications:
    • Safeguards for Protected Health Information (PHI) (7/3/2007)
    • Use and Disclosure Laws (7/3/2007)
    • Business Associates of HCSC (7/3/2007)
    • Group Health Plans and Brokers (7/3/2007)
    • System Authorization and Verification (7/5/2007)
    • Individual Rights: Handling Requests to Access and Amend PHI (7/5/2007)
    • Individual Rights: Administrative Requirements (7/5/2007)
    • Interwoven TeamSite Content Management System Training (76/2007-8/2/2007)
    • Introduction to Concierge Customer Service (7/26/2007)
    • Microsoft Excel Level I (8/9/2007)
    • Regulatory Compliance Training 2007: company-wide policy and legal issues training (9/5/2007)
    • Introduction to the HCSC Solution Delivery Methodology (SDM) (10/2/2007)
    • Introduction to the Solution Delivery Methodology (SDM) Test Processes (10/3/2007)
    • Introduction to the Subscriber Services Division (12/31/2007)
    • Annual Regulatory Update 2008 (4/1/2008)
    • Ethics: 2008 Compliance Computer-Based Training (4/1/2008)
    • Ethics: 2008 Commitment to Ethics Certification (4/1/2008)
    • Ethics: 2008 Annual Benchmarking (4/1/2008)
    • Customer Advocate Introduction to Dashboard 3-Course Curriculum (4/7/2008)
    • Working with Service Requests and Activities in Dashboard 3-Course Curriculum (4/7/2008)
    • Record Retention Custodian training (4/16/2008)
    • Remote Access Certification (8/4/2008)
    • Introduction to Microsoft Project (3/30/3009)
    • Ethics: 2009 Annual Benchmarking (4/28/2009)
    • Ethics: 2009 Commitment to Ethics Certification (4/28/2009)
    • Regulatory & Compliance Annual Updates (4/28/2009)
    • Learning the myLearning LMS 1: Packaging Courses (8/19/2009)
    • Diversity Series: Intercultural Communication (8/25/2009)
    • Diversity Series: Stereotypes (8/25/2009)
    • Learning the myLearning LMS 2: Uploading and Configuring Courses (8/26/2009)
    • Learning the myLearning LMS 3: Creating Curricula (9/2/2009)
    • Learning the myLearning LMS 4: Retiring Courses and Creating Reports (9/9/2009)
    • Blue Ambassador: How Health Insurance Works (9/9/2009)
    • Blue Ambassador: How HCSC Operates Differently (9/9/2009)
    • Blue Ambassador: Health Care At A Crossroads (9/9/2009)
    • HCSC Blue Competitor Review (9/9/2009)
    • HCSC Value Chain Assessment (9/9/2009)
    • History of Blue Cross Blue Shield (9/9/2009)
    • HCSC Products in Evolving Health Care Market (9/9/2009)
    • Introduction to the Enterprise Process Approach (9/9/2009)
    • HCSC and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (9/9/2009)
    • Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork (9/16/2009)
  • Administrative Duties:
    • Records Retention Custodian for Illinois (4/16/2008-12/2011): I track all paper and electronic documents created or administered by the Subscriber Services Division Learning & Development area, ensuring that non-essential records are destroyed after their required "sunset" dates, and that needed records are sustained and filed correctly, according to company policy and federal law.
  • Recognition & Awards
    • Unit "Game Ball" (6/24/2008): I was recognized by my Unit Manager, Joseph Knytych, with a "game ball," signed by my colleagues, for service above and beyond the usual requirements of my job. In a two week period, I handled three urgent requests from different company vice presidents related to an Illinois Department of Insurance moratorium on canceling policies for families affected by flooding in several Illinois counties, an urgent release of data for a new software application, and a behind-the-scenes effort for HCSC to assist Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield with a backlog of claims in three states.
    • "Spot" Bonus Award (9/18/2009): I was recognized for team leadership on a project to clean up the backlog of outdated content on the company's reference-content system.
  • Community Service:
    • American Heart Association Chicago Heart Walk BCBS Team (28 Sep. 2007).
    • JP MorganChase Corporate Challenge (22 May 2008).
    • American Heart Association Chicago Heart Walk BCBS Team (26 Sep. 2008).
    • JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge Walk and Run (21 May 2009).

Health Care Service Corporation / Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Marion IL

Customer Advocate: (11/2004-7/2007)
Using PC software and specialized database systems, I fielded incoming calls from nationwide health-care providers in order to answer questions and resolve problems related to health-insurance benefits, eligibility, claims, and payments. As a level-II PA, I also resolved complex-claim issues and adjustments, finalizing an average of $45,000.00 per day in refunds, payments, and credits. Beginning in June 2006, I was selected to be a member of a five-person team of "Untouchables" tasked with reducing HCSC's inventory of aged claims at other Blue Cross plans nationwide.

This position required information-gathering and interpretation skills--germane to library-science training--in order to assist doctors and hospitals. This position in the not-for-profit sector required significant professional trust and responsibility in handling confidential health information and releasing large-sum payments to providers.

  • Corporate Training & Certifications:
    • The Road to Privacy 1: Health Information Privacy and Security (11/16/2004)
    • The Road to Privacy 2: Use and Disclosure of Patient Health Information (PHI) (11/16/2004)
    • The Road to Privacy 3: Individuals' Rights under the Privacy Standards (11/16/2004)
    • Privacy 2004: BC/BS company-wide privacy and ethics training (11/16/2004)
    • Information Security: Access to and Usage of e-Patient Health Information (e-PHI) (2/22/2005)
    • Information Security: Physical and Technical Security of e-Patient Health Information (e-PHI) (2/22/2005)
    • Privacy & Regulatory Update 2005: company-wide privacy and ethics training (2/23/2005)
    • Privacy & Regulatory Update 2006: company-wide privacy and ethics training (2/20/2006)
    • Regulatory Compliance Training 2006: company-wide policy and legal issues training (8/10/2006)
    • National Provider Identifier (NPI) Overview for Provider Service Agencies (8/22/2006)
    • Privacy & Regulatory Update 2007: company-wide privacy and ethics training (3/14/2007)
    • BlueSource [online library database] (3/21/2007)
    • Introduction to the Eligibility Enhancement Project (EEP) (4/13/2007)
    • Introduction to the BlueRecruit Web Application (5/10/2007)
    • The Change Agent (5/29/2007)
    • Introduction to Inter-Plan Formats Database Inquiry Mouse Program (6/20/2007)
    • Common CCSP Terms and Acronyms (6/25/2007)
  • Professional Service:
    • BC/BS employee focus group (2/23/2005): I represented my peers in giving constructive feedback to the corporation about how better to assist clients and how to streamline operations.
    • Online Library Committee (3/15/2005-6/30/2007): as a charter member of this committee, I helped to keep the Provider Telecommunications Center (PTC) online library of reference documents updated and organized. I created a set of cross-referenced web-index documents for use by various PTC areas.
    • Perfect attendance for 2005 (awarded 3/15/2006).
    • "Ready 2006" Award (3/17/2006): a certificate and cash award for working every day with overtime for the first six weeks of the 2006 calendar year, traditionally the busiest time for the company.
    • "Ready 2007" Award (5/15/2007): a certificate and cash award for working every day with overtime for the first six weeks of the 2007 calendar year, traditionally the busiest time for the company.

Decker College, Louisville, KY

Adjunct English Faculty/Staff Editor: (6/2005-12/2005)
I facilitated GE 103 (English I), an entry-level undergraduate online course for adult learners covering the parts of speech, sentence structure, and effectiveness in written business communications. I also helped to edit the college's faculty-and-staff newsletter, the Decker Connect.

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Instructional Design Librarian, Instructional Support Services: (7/2004-8/2004)
I worked with faculty, staff, and students at SIU to enhance the teaching and learning environment, utilizing asynchronous learning components. I supported ISS staff in improving teaching and learning methods, and I served as the liaison to the English department on campus. A major part of my duties included supporting the growth of SIU's distance learning program and sharing research with my colleagues through conference presentations and scholarly publication.

  • Faculty & Student Support:
    • Created a set of faculty workshops for those interested in learning to teach using the WebCT course management system.
    • Helped to develop CI 199 (The Library as Information Source), a one-credit bibliographic-instruction class, online and in the classroom.
  • Professional Activities:
    • Co-authored a $1 million grant application to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to pilot an online course, "Outcomes-Based Library and Museum Programming."
  • Administrative Duties:
    • Assistive Web Technology Task Force (7/2004-8/2004): this ad hoc group of campus-wide faculty and staff offered training and advice for making the University's web presence accessible to those with disabilities. This initiativewas part of the "Access Through Adaptive Computer Technology and Web Site Design" Illinois state training-and-instruction grant.
    • English Department Liaison librarian (7/2004-8/2004): I selected library resources related to the learning and research interests of the English Department faculty and students, as well as worked with faculty to highlight and select resources useful to them in their teaching and research.
    • Faculty Executive Board (FEB) Faculty Research and Publication Committee (7/2004-8/2004): this committee evaluated the published scholarship, conference presentations, and research projects of library faculty members.
    • Recruitment Evaluation Committee (7/2004-8/2004): in order to attract diverse faculty to the library, this committee searched for, evaluated, and advised on the hiring of faculty from under-represented groups.

DeVry University, Pittsburgh, PA

Adjunct Faculty, Keller Graduate School of Management: (10/2003-7/2004)
Developed and taught ENGL 510 (Foundations of Business Communication), a graduate-level course for adult learners focuses on issues of grammar, style, cultural sensitivity, ethics, and effectiveness in written and oral business presentations; ENGL 112 (Composition), a freshman-level introductory course designed to enable students to write well in an academic setting; and COLL 147 (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving), an introductory undergraduate course designed to give students a basic understanding of information literacy. All of these courses utilize both classroom-based and online instruction; I have developed and taught ENGL 510 wholly online, as well.

Avalon Public Library, Avalon, PA

Librarian/Director: (4/2003-7/2003)
Provided reference and public programming for a small public library, overseeing the work of one part-time librarian and thirty volunteers. Budgeting, grant writing, and liaison to local school districts and community groups. Participated in local, regional, and national library and professional associations. Created new programming for children, teens, and adults including book talks, reading challenges, novel discussion groups, and computer-use classes; updated and maintained the library web presence and publicized the library's services in several media. Available http://www.avalonlibrary.org/.

Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

Teaching Fellow, School of Leadership &Professional Advancement: (3/2003-5/2003)
Developed and co-taught ENGL 313W (Writing for Business and Industry) with Mary Ann Tobin. This workshop is designed for adult students currently in the workplace, and covers communication skills, writing techniques, and business ethics.

Assistant Director of Freshman English for Technology: (5/1998-2/1999)
Departmental fellowship position. Responsible for creation and maintenance of English department web server, creation of online journal FirstClass (a collection of exemplary freshman student essays), and creation, implementation, and maintenance of the online college writing center.

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Department of English: (1/1997-5/1998)
Taught one section each of CORE 101 (freshman composition) and CORE 102 (Thinking and Writing Across the Curriculum) per semester during the fall and spring terms.

Research Consultant, Center for Computing and Information Technology: (5/1997-8/1997)
Responsible for creation of a set of help documents for faculty wishing to design web components for their courses, as well as for creation and maintenance of a faculty web-design help database of web templates and suggested graphics.

Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, PA

Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning Support: (2/1999-2/2003)
Hired to create the college's online-course program. Responsible for design and implementation of college-wide online program, and support to students and faculty in developing and maintaining online courses college-wide. See http://wccc.blackboard.com/.

  • Faculty Support:
    • Worked with faculty to support development of 150 online courses in all disciplines, including seven certificate, diploma, and degree programs.
    • Wrote a manual for and trained faculty to use technology tools online.
    • Designed and taught faculty seminar on good pedagogical strategies for use in distance-education.
    • Trained faculty members in the use of web-based development tools and electronic classrooms.
    • Created a faculty multimedia lab.
  • Student Support:
    • Offered technical support to WCCC's online students.
    • Created and automated an online-courses orientation for students.
    • Expanded the student demographic for online courses, both in geographic and age-based terms.
    • Instructed faculty and students about the fair use of copyrighted materials in online courses.
  • Administrative Duties:
    • Created online student-support web pages: library web site, online-course orientation, student-tutoring web site, financial aid web site, and student counseling web site.
    • Formulated annual budget for distance-education program.
    • Supervised instructional technology staff.
    • Constructed a strategic long-range plan for online-course development, focusing on the creation of certificate, diploma, and AAS degree programs.
    • Solicited feedback from faculty and students on satisfaction, performance, and improvements.
    • Academic Affairs Governance Advisory Committee (2000-2003)

Adjunct Faculty: (5/2000-2/2003)
Developed original materials for and taught two online courses, EDU 200 (Introduction to Instructional Technology) and ENG 161 (College Writing).

Webmastering & Web Site Development

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals: (1/2001-9/2007)
Re-designed RSVP's web site to move information off a single long web page into several subject-specific pages; now responsible for site upkeep and maintenance, as well as liaison with Arizona State University, who host the site. Available http://www.rs4vp.org/.

The William Morris Society: (5/1997-12/2007)
Took over re-design process in 1997, and updated site map and page design to reflect the mission of the Society. Also re-designed the site to conform to Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandates web accessibility standards for 501(c)3 organizations. Moved the web site from City College of New York servers to commercial servers with Pair Networks in 2000. In 2005, I created a separate web site to house a scholarly edition of all of Morris's writings, and I oversaw the development of site content in Dutch, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, and Spanish. Currently responsible for site maintenance and upkeep, patron-request reference responses, and liaison with the United States, Canadian, and English branches of the Society. Available http://www.morrissociety.org/.

The Pre-Raphaelite Critic: (4/1996-present)
Internet full-text bibliographic archive. Winner of LookSmart's Editor's Choice Award (1/1997); granted National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant (5/1997); winner of WebToday Destination Award (7/1997); winner of Links2Go Key Resource Award (11/1998); winner of BBC Education Web Guide Award (1/1999). Available http://www.engl.duq.edu/servus/PR_Critic/.

Panta Rhei Media, Turtle Creek, PA

Research Consultant: (5/1998-7/1998)
Responsible for finding, selecting, and editing photographs, video, songs, sounds, and other media clips relevant to the VB Buildings "Sounds Like Steel" promotional advertising campaign.

Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN

Graduate Teaching Fellow, Department of English: (8/1994-5/1996)
Responsible for teaching two sections of ENG 101 (freshman composition) and ENG 102 (freshman literature) per semester during the fall and spring terms. Pioneered use of web support for classroom practice in the English department.

English Language Tutor, Writing Center: (8/1994-5/1995)
Tutored ESL and native-English speakers in grammar, punctuation, usage, and style. Developed tutoring worksheets for use with Asian ESL students, oversaw work of undergraduate tutors.


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